Month: January 2018

Survival Knives And Their Uses

Survival Knives

When you are out in the outdoors hunting or camping, you should put the resources you have to good use. One of the most practical and ingenious tools you want to keep in a disaster prep kit is a good survival knife. It can help you out in some desperate and tricky situations.
Refer to know more about several survival tips. Apart from carrying the knife, you should also be aware of the techniques on using this knife which can help you in tough situations as no matter how well you are prepared efficient utilization of the resources is critical.
Another thing to note that a survival knife is a fixed blade knife and not a folding one. The reason for recommending a fixed blade is that it is sturdy and will not hold back when you apply pressure thereby not hurting your fingers. Also, the fixed blades have a simple design and hence suited for outdoors as you do not want a frozen knife blade. It is safe, sturdy and durable and thus preferred by most people who spend time in the outdoors.

Uses of survival knives
Multi-purpose tool: Many people use the big knife as a spear, by tying the blade over a stick. Though not recommended as the chances of the knife getting damaged is high it can still be useful in stabbing a fish or a frog that you caught. You can even make a trap or a fish hook to cut.

Cutting wood: A big knife can be used to cut wood when you need it for your various camping purposes. You can place a log of wood and use the knife you can cut a dead tree. You can also do the same process to reduce the log into several parts and use them as firewood. Using this technique, you can get dry wood when the conditions are wet or cold, and you want to start a fire.

Slicing: You can not only cut wood you can also cut vegetables when you are in the outdoors. It can be used to chop off overhanging leaves and plants that come in your way when you are walking in an off-beat path. Irrespective of what you want to cut be it meat, wood, fruits or vegetables a good quality survival knife is will be helpful as it has a sharp blade which makes it best for survival in the open.

Build a shelter: When building a shelter, though a saw is preferred, a survival knife is not a wrong choice either given that it is easy to carry. It can cut wood and other materials that are needed to build a shelter. It can also be utilized as a hammer to hit the tent pegs when you have to put a tent.

Self-defense: A survival knife provides excellent security to you against any wild animal or other people. You can also use it to find food like catching a small fish. So, it is a tool that you can use to defend yourself when you are in danger.