Month: February 2018

Types Of Damages And Repairs For Aging Asphalt

Asphalts are made use for laying at the parking lots, pavements or even roads. The average lifetime of an asphalt parking lot is about 20 to30 years with proper maintenance. There are chances for damage in the asphalt lot due to several factors. It is important that you decide on whether you repair the asphalt road or replace it. Various types of damages are caused to the asphalt roads that you should be aware of. You can visit the site and know about the various asphalt repair services offered. The link talks about about the quality standards to be followed by any organization.
The article below lists the different types of damages that may occur for the aging asphalt and the type of repairs done for it.

This is common damage that occurs with the asphalt lots. This damage occurs due to extreme climatic conditions both hot or cold. Damage may also occur due to water penetration. Improper initial construction would lead to cracks within few years of laying an asphalt lot. Watch the cracks; if it is minor, then you should seal it at the earliest. Leaving the cracks unattended can result in serious issues. Water may enter the crack and worsen the asphalt structure further.

This is the damage caused due to wear and tear of the road. This is due to the heavy load of the vehicles. Ruts are dangerous as it may lead to accidents as the driver may lose control of the vehicle. There may be some basic design problems that have led to rutting. Rutting that exists of more than 1/3 inches should be considered with seriousness and repaired immediately.

Crack Sealing
Cracks in the asphalt lots or roads should be sealed at the earliest. Smaller cracks can be filled so that it does not result in further damage to the asphalt structure. Cracks can be easily repaired. Smaller cracks are sealed using a liquid filter. Perform crack sealing as a maintenance measure throughout the year so that you can enhance the lifetime of your asphalt parking lots or roads.

Seal Coating
This is a repair process where a sealant is applied to the surface of the asphalt lot. This coating prevents the asphalt from damage caused due to UV rays, sun, corrosion, oxidation, gas spills, etc. You can seal your asphalt lot when you notice some damage on it. Perform seal coating for asphalt pavements which is older than six months.

When your old asphalt parking lots or roads looks damaged after several years, you can perform resurfacing. It is a process of adding an extra layer to the existing asphalt structure. The additional asphalt layer is usually 2 inches deep. This repair process may extend the lifetime of your asphalt structure. You can add up the lifetime of your asphalt lots with less cost. It is a perfect alternative for replacing the entire asphalt structure.

It is challenging to know whether you should repair your asphalt or repair it. This can be decided by considering certain factors. See that you do not waste money by replacing the asphalt parking lots unnecessarily.

The above are the various types of damages and repairs that occur for an asphalt structure.